Have you just had storm damage to your roof, or is your old roof at the end of its life? Either way, waiting can only make the damage worse and invariably is a mistake.

Whatever the need for repair or replacement, we have it covered. We are experts on roofing and our experienced is skilled at getting your roof back to 100%. We use only the highest quality roofing products and installation procedures to ensure that your roof will keep your home safe and secure from the elements for years to come.

The Insurance Process

Have you recently been hit by a storm that has caused damage to your home?

Not to worry we have you covered! More than likely we have already worked with your insurance company in the past. Whether this is your 1st time dealing with a homer insurance claim in Colorado or your 10th, we are here to make sure everything goes smoothly and you are only left to make a few simple decisions. 

How Does it Work:

Give us a call or if you have recently been impacted by a storm we may show up at your door step. At that point we will inspect your roof and property for damage caused by wind and hail. As we proceed we will take images of any damage we find for your records and assist with any emergency repairs that may be necessary. 

Once we have confirmed the damage to your home is sufficient to meet the criteria set forth by insurance companies for repairs and replacement we will want to contact them directly. This can be as easy as putting in a claim via an app on your phone or calling their claims department. Remember you do not submit claims to your agent but instead to the claims department for your insurance company.

Usually the call will be fairly straight forward as they will ask for your policy number, the date of the storm, and a description of the damage. Once they gather that information you will be given a claim number and they will inform you an adjuster will be reaching out to let you know when they can schedule their own inspection. 

Not sure what number to call or feeling intimidated by the process? Don’t worry we are happy to get you the right information you need and be there to walk you through the call. 

Okay, you have been reached out to by the insurance adjuster and they inform you they will be arriving the coming week on a certain day within a 2 or 3 hour time window… Great, give us a call! 

Letting us know when the adjuster is going to show up makes sure that we can present the damage on your behalf and make sure that they don’t miss anything. This is extremely important as we see many claims missing large amounts of damage due to a rushed adjuster. 

Many of these adjusters are called in after large storms from out of the area to help write up as many claims as possible in a short amount of time. We are all human and as you can imagine someone rushed and overworked may miss some things. We will make sure they don’t!

Depending on if the adjuster works directly with the company or are a contracted third party, they will inform you that either they or someone from the insurance company will be reaching out to you with a scope of loss and information about your payment. This process may be the same day or take up to a couple weeks when there are large storms with many claims being put in at once.

What is the scope of loss? This is a document created with a standardized software we and the insurance companies use in order to not have any pricing discrepancies. On the document you will see an itemized list with pricing for materials and labor to repair your home. Though pricing is standardized many of these scope of loss are missing line items that are required to complete jobs correctly. This is where we come in and work directly with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure everything is covered that your entitled to, in order to get the work completed correctly. 

So we have your scope of loss, you have likely received a check for the ACV and we are ready to get to work. First we will need to make any decisions in regards to materials; brand, product line, color. We will work to set a date that works well for everyone and put in the order for products. (Materials may be delivered and loaded on your roof before the build day)

It’s BUILD DAY!! You’ll see your project manager or our project director bright and early to discuss the process of the day, post a permit on your home, and make sure to let your neighbors know they can contact me for any reason. 

In the morning we will bring a trailer into your driveway to dump all the old roofing materials into, lay tarps around the home where we want extra protection and begin to load additional materials on the roof. As work progresses there will be a chance of roofing materials spreading around the yard, not to worry as we will be sure to clean up and make multiple passes at the end of the day.

Okay almost done! Again your project manager will be there to help make sure we button up every last detail and make sure to pass through your yard with magnetic sweepers. We do our best to get every nail we can find, as the safety of you and your family are our first priority.

Congrats! You have a new roof and we are hopeful you couldn’t be happier with the service we provided. And the great thing about working with us is you don’t have to worry about paying us anything till the work is done. Though we will take the check upon completion for the work for the ACV amount there is still money owed by your insurance company. So we are going to send our final supplements to the insurance and proof of completion for you to receive the depreciated amount they originally withheld. 

Remember we will do the work for the agreed upon amount settled with the insurance company, with the exception of any upgrades you choose or additional work that falls outside the scope of loss.

Brands we use:

And More!

All the brands we use are backed by limited lifetime warranties on their products and are known for their exceptional quality.